Discovering vinyl gems

One of my great joys of running this record store is discovering vinyl gems. We regularly purchase large and small record collections, some ordinary, some extraordinary and lots in between. Most times they are well inspected before purchase but there are always unexpected surprises some good and some sad (like a first mono pressing of Sgt. Peppers lonely Hearts Club Band that looked excellent but skips like crazy). I recently had my day made though when I found a vinyl gem in a collection I had purchased, an extremely rare record that was either hidden at one time or mistakenly put in a sleeve it did not belong in. There was no sleeve for it or cover, just an amazing and historical piece of vinyl. It was the test Rockadrome LPpressing of Rockadromes’s first and only album, Royal American 20th Century Blues! I could not wait to clean it and play it to see if it was still in good condition. It played and sounded amazing! And now another thrill of discovering vinyl gems is seeing them being sought after and appreciated by the collector. So this piece of Rockadrome’s history is for sale. Serious offers only please. Here is a link to some history on the band and their only LP

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