Keefer’s Spin. Thanks Doctor Deadwax

I am still surprised by the number of notables, those of music and arts fame as well as celebrities from other walks of life, who come through our doors and enjoy our store but am always pleased to hear their positive reviews of Village Vinyl. We never mention names though. Recently however I was made aware of a youtube video made by a serious vinyl collector with a serious record collector following. He was recently in Village Vinyl Music Emporium & Cafe though I was not aware of him taking video footage or who he was. He made a substantial purchase and was courteous but not chatty. Two of his pals came by the store to shop after he had been in and told me a bit about him and to look up his youtube channel. Voila! I found a pretty nice testimonial to V V!  Since he was posting publicly no anonymity was required so I thought I would post this link to it. The video is somewhat lengthy and not all of it pertains to V V but there is quite a lot that does. Give it a watch. Thanks Dr. D. I look forward to your next visit.

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