Keefer’s Spin “The Music of Christmas”

It seems nowadays in our ‘oh so commercial’ society that we are bombarded by Christmas Music, to get us in the buying mood, many weeks before it seems appropriate. We hear it in the malls, on the radio, in the big and small box stores and every other public venue where commerce is king. Sadly I think this sours us on listening to Christmas music in our homes. We also have become somewhat immune to it and relegate it to be background music only. There has been so much really lovely seasonal music recorded and by so many exceptional musicians that we never truly hear or really listen to because of these societal mores and trends. However there is still a segment of music lovers who enjoy listening to their favorite artist or group sing and play the music of the Christmas season on their own terms, in their own home or space and when their mood is right for it. Karyn enjoys Christmas classics played by pianists and Celtic Christmas tunes and I like to listen to rock artists perform the more obscure tunes of the season wrapping them up in their own style. For those who want to enjoy some seasonal music of their own liking we have a great selection on vinyl and CD at super prices. By mid December we should even have a brand new CD being recorded now by the Bluegrass/Country fun group The Barrel Boys who just played here at a recent ‘Sunday Session’. This young group is really making a name for themselves on the local scene and it says a lot about the continued appeal of recording Christmas music that they want to do their own Christmas Album. We look forward to hearing new Christmas music and hope it keeps coming year after year.Check out what Rolling Stone listed last December as the 25 Greatest Christmas Albums of all time.


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