“Pet Sounds” has always been regarded by me as the best album the Beach Boys ever did. I was still living in England when it was released and it was a huge hit in the ‘Isles’!  The fact that my personal all time greatest greats, The Beatles, thought this album the one to aspire to equal helps to affirm my regard  for it. It amazes me to read what has been said about the significance of this iconic album by such music giants as Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney,  Bob Dylan  and so many others. Elton John has  said of the album, “For me to say that I was enthralled would be an understatement. I had never heard such magical sounds, so amazingly recorded. It undoubtedly changed the way that I, and countless others, approached recording. It is a timeless and amazing recording of incredible genius and beauty.”

In our collectables gallery at Village Vinyl we have for sale an autographed copy of “Pet Sounds” signed by Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love and Bruce Johnston. This very rare and special piece is from a private collection and is set in a handsome protective collectors case that is easily opened so the album can be removed for playing anytime you want. As with all our collectables of note this piece comes with paperwork of authentication. Telephone inquiries regarding price and viewing opportunity are welcomed on this classic piece of history as well as on our other music collectables and memorabilia.


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