Vinyl Collectors! We have Rare, Very Rare and Extremely Rare Albums released weekly

For all the serious Vinyl Collectors out there, we have Rare, Very rare and Extremely Rare Albums being released weekly. Keefer has been spring shopping and acquiring some pretty nice collections. In these collections are some amazing box sets and special albums that fall under the realm of undetermined origin. Also available are rare pressings and very early and obscure releases as well as some just plain unusual surprises.

The Boss One of those ‘just plain unusual surprises’

Genres from Jazz to Folk and from Classic Rock to Electronica are to be found in our recent purchases. We are hard at work inventorying and pricing all this vinyl. Each Thursday evening we will release a new batch of it for VINYL COLLECTOR WEEKENDS. For those who want to get a jump-start on shopping we are now open on Thursday nights till 9:00 pm. New product for the week will not go out on the floor until 5:00 pm. each Thursday. Vinyl collectors will find these rare, very rare and extremely rare albums in our vinyl room in the ‘Just In ‘ bins. At the same time you can browse our racks of thousands of vinyl records priced right and in great condition. We are also featuring for the summer our sidewalk sale records at 2 for 5 bucks. So there is a lot for both the serious vinyl collector and the recreational vinyl lover to choose from. Enjoy an iced coffee, V V Signature Iced Latte or Deluxe Iced Latte or other cafe refreshment while shopping in our unique and friendly music store. Check out our Facebook page for regular updates about what is happening at Village Vinyl. Weekly Thursday Teaser pics of Weekend Release Vinyl will be posted here.

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