On Monday May 13 the 7th annual Gems of the Lakeshore ceremony was held to once again recognize and honour exemplary local business’, services and organizations for what they do, how they do it and their significant impact in the community of South Etobicoke.

All who were nominated through the nomination process managed by  MPP Laurel Broton’s office were invited to attend the Celebration of Excellence at the Assembly Hall on Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive and be honoured for this achievement. At the ceremony one nominee from each of the six business categories is awarded the ‘Gem’ designation and presented with a trophy and certificate of accomplishment by South Etobicoke MPP Laurel Broton. Village Vinyl Music Emporium & Cafe garnered the award for retail business category. It was a very proud achievement for us!

The South Etobicoke Lakeshore encompasses the four villages of Long Branch, Lakeshore Village, Mimico Village and Mimico by the Lake. Each spring, residents and non residents alike can submit nomination forms for Gem of the Lakeshore in the categories of Community Services, Food Services, Restaurants, Retail Business, Cultural/Recreation Organizations and Service Organizations. Forms are submitted to Laurel Broton’s office by a deadline and then each and every form is reviewed and discussed by the panel of judges. Quantity of nominations is not a factor in determining winners. Rather, decisions are  based on substance of what has been written about the awardees, the contribution of the awardees to the community and it’s role in furthering the spirit and success of the community.

We were honoured to receive this award in such a short time of having been a part of  The Lakeshore. We have not yet been open for a year so it was quite a surprise for us to be selected. Thank you to all who submitted nominations for us and for all your lovely words. You make us happy to know that our efforts to provide a nirvana for music lovers  and promote and support the art that is music has been very appreciated by our community, our customers and our fans.

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