What A Beauty! And she sounds as good as she looks!

I can not deny it. I am a sucker for a jukebox. They evoke so many memories for me and were a signifigant factor in leading me into my lifelong love affair with music. I am somewhat of a purist though and so a great jukebox plays only vinyl. I am always surprised by how many young and older visitors to our store want to play the original 1957 Seeburg that we have at V V. I have even seen some dancing here when a special tune has played. This totally original piece of history has had only one previuos owner and it had a place of honour in their kitchen where they played it regularly (and hopefully shared a dance or two from time to time). My personal favorite for beauty and sound though is the Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time. This wonderful jukebox is visually still the same as the original 1946 1015 (the world’s most famous jukebox) but the sound system has been updated to modern standards making it not only a work of art and an eye catching centre piece but it also provides a superb sound system. It boasts a hand crafted finish, 8 colour dancing bubble tubes and rotating changing colour cylinders with a fully visible playing mechanism. A big comfy chair, a glass of fine wine with the jukebox blastin’ and flashin’ is a pretty sensational sensory experience and one I highly reccommend!

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